About Concierge Medical Cannabis

At Concierge Medical Cannabis we strive to make the certification of patients for medical cannabis affordable, fast, and user friendly by using a unique virtual and group educational model.   In 5 easy steps from your computer or smartphone, you can get certified and learn about medical cannabis.

What We Do

pennsylvaniaHave you ever thought of a question the day after seeing a doctor? Have you ever wanted to learn about your medical condition and how cannabis will affect it before seeing a doctor, so you can get the most out of your doctor’s appointment?

Concierge Medical Cannabis patients have 24/7 access to a wide array of information about the medical aspects of cannabis at their fingertips.  Topics include condition-specific education, medical research, potential side effects, medical cannabis law, proper dosing, just to name a few.

Where other businesses may offer very quick medical records reviews and certifications that leave patients with the task of getting most of their questions answered by salespeople at dispensaries, our educational model gives patients the in-depth answers they are looking for.

We offer our patient interaction, in a group educational setting, which allows patients to interact with each other, if they choose, or, to remain silent and listen to the medical professional or other patients if they feel anxiety about public speaking and do not want to speak up.

Concierge Medical Cannabis understands that its mission and responsibility is to serve both our patients and the state authority by making a medical determination that the patient does suffer from a qualifying medical condition, as defined by state law.

CMC has taken its responsibility to its patients one step further than most businesses offering similar services, by providing patients with 24-hour, 7 days week access to the CMC website where they can find the information they may need to make informed decisions about their health.

Why we do it

We see patients in a group setting because numerous studies have shown that patients with chronic conditions have much better outcomes by interacting in a group where they learn not just from a medical authority but also from each other.  Our medical experts are fully engaged with the group and can take the time to make sure that everyone leaves with all the information they want and need.

The Role Of Certificating Physicians

State medical cannabis programs require a physician to certify that a patient has a given medical condition and that medical cannabis may be useful in the treatment of that condition. Conditions eligible for certification vary by state as do the other requirements for a physician to complete a certification.

For example, a physician may be required to verify that a patient has signed a consent, received counseling about potential side effects, or has been screened for medical or family history that might increase any risk associated with the use of medical cannabis.

Because of recent changes in the law, medical cannabis has been made more widely available to a larger slice of the population. The state certification offices and regulatory structures are relatively new as well. Where in the infancy of the medical cannabis industry, a small portion of the state department of health in any given state might have been adequate to meet the needs of patients and providers, that may no longer be the case. The fact is that this regulatory structure may no longer be meeting the needs of the providers and patients in the timeliest manner without some assistance and the cooperation of all interested parties. Due to the sheer volume of patients and providers in this new field of medical cannabis, there may be glitzes that may be most accurately described as growing pains.  But there are patients whose medical conditions make it very difficult to wait for the industry to mature into a smooth-running operation.

24/7 Access

Often in this specialty, it is difficult to get information from a medical professional after patients receive their certification. That is unless the patients want to pay to see the doctor again and ask their questions.

Concierge Medical Cannabis seeks to retrofit the follow-up process by providing patients with a virtual educational platform they can access 24/7. Our patients can review information at their leisure before the meeting with the group and our physicians, or they can refer to it months later when new questions or concerns arise. In group settings, patients have an opportunity to learn from other patients in the group, who may have similar questions or experiences. For those who do not want to engage with the group because their stories or history are too personal, or because they have anxiety or difficulty interacting with groups, or because they have concerns about anonymity, they can still benefit, by remaining silent and simply learn by listening to others and our medical providers. Regardless of the amount of participation all patients have access to the virtual educational platform and can take advantage of the cost savings the group setting allows us to pass on. Most importantly, all patients who meet the state’s requirements patients will receive their certification.



All patients residing in Pennsylvania will be required to register with the state by going to the website below. Only you as a patient can complete this step.

Once you have your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana ID number you can move on to the next step.   The PA legal code does not permit doctors to streamline the process by filling out the form for you. The companies who offer to go onto the state website and complete this step for you are risking violating the law.


Enter our patient portal by clicking the link below. Be prepared to create your username and password, sign a consent for treatment, accept our terms of service, complete a credit card authorization and fill out your medical intake forms. Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out your intake forms. The more information you provide about your condition and its impact on your life to the trained eye of the doctor, the more assistance s/he may be able to render in support of your application for obtaining your medical cannabis certification.

Next, send us a secure message through the portal with your medical records and a picture of your photo ID attached. We ask that all records are sent through the portal because it is both secure and HIPPA compliant. We do not want your medical history, credit card information, or photo ID floating around in cyberspace! So please don’t send a conventional email!


After a CMC review of all your documents, we will reach out to you to schedule your group appointment via text, phone call, or email. You can set your preferences for contact via the portal.

CMC’s goal is to do this within 24-48 hours of receipt. We will not charge your credit card until your appointment is scheduled. If you have a pre-existing condition that precludes your medical certification, according to the Pa. law, or from participation in the group setting, one of our medical experts or cannabis concierges will reach out to discuss your case.

In the meantime, feel free to review as many educational materials as you want. You will have access to these to prepare for your appointment or to review if you forget information afterward. You can also refer to the platform if you come up with a new question in the future. You literally have unlimited access! This is for your benefit and knowledge if you choose, of course, there is no test.


Now for your session in our groundbreaking virtual and group format! We’ll send you a text message ten minutes before the group begins. Move to an area where you can be private and free to engage. Be prepared to learn from your physician and others in the group. Participate as little or as much as you want. Please remember to keep an open mind, people will have varied opinions and experiences.

Absolutely no bullying or foul language will be tolerated in the group. If you have concerns about anonymity and would prefer to keep your identity private in the group, please remember to change your username in your ZOOM settings. We will know who each patient is because the ZOOM link is through our portal. Remember to keep the username non-offensive, non-inflammatory, and without profanity in order to comply with our terms of service.


Congratulations! You’re certified! If you meet all of the requirements set forth by the state and cannabis is deemed to be safe for you we will certify you! If you don’t meet any specific requirements and we can’t certify you for any reason, we will refund your money. It’s that simple. A copy of your certification will be attached to your chart for you to download at your leisure and will also be sent to the state as required. You will hear from the state when they complete your review and issue your medical marijuana card.