Medical Cannabis Doctors

Start enjoying a properly medicated better way of life in person or via telemedicine. At Concierge Medical Cannabis we certify patients for the medical and completely legal use of cannabis for a wide variety of ailments.


Medical Cannabis Doctors

At Concierge Medical Cannabis our passion is exquisite customer service and a seamless patient experience. Navigating the gauntlet of hoops and regulations required to get certified for your cannabis card can be daunting for some patients. Some of it is just confusing, and let’s face it, you are not feeling well in the first place!

Only $125 For New Patients

$75 for followups


Concierge Medical Cannabis is a proud veteran-owned, family-operated small business! We strive to make the medical certification process for qualified patients affordable, fast, and user-friendly through our unique virtual and group educational model.  From the comfort of your own home, using your computer or smartphone, in 5 easy steps you can get the information necessary to successfully complete the certification process, and learn about medical cannabis.


The Concierge Medical Cannabis group chose to see patients in a group setting based on scientific research.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that patients with chronic medical conditions have better long-term outcomes when given the opportunity to interact with a group. Through group settings, patients are empowered to Learn from the anecdotes and experiences of others. This group setting helps patients utilize shared strategies to incorporate cannabis as a part of their treatment. Our medical experts are fully engaged with the group and will guide the discussion while making sure that everyone leaves with all the information they want and need.


1.  Register with the state:
You have to be a registered patient with the state of Pennsylvania to get started. LEARN MORE | REGISTER WITH STATE BOARD

2.  Create your profile with us:
Register with us and tell us about your medical condition. LEARN MORE | CREATE PROFILE

3.  Get scheduled:
We’ll reach out and find the best time for you after we review all of your documents. LEARN MORE

4.  Meet with the doctor:
Our medical professionals are ready to treat you and guide the group! LEARN MORE

5.  Congrats you’re certified! LEARN MORE

Certifications through your phone, tablet, or computer

Our entire process is designed to be completed virtually and from the comfort of your own home.




Caveat Emptor

BUYER BEWARE…You should always have a healthy level of suspicion concerning companies or medical practices that skirt the actual “letter of the law.”  First of all, if someone can’t read a statute and conform to it, would you really entrust them with your health?! Secondly, although the risks are unknown to patients, part of the purpose of having a medical card is to be 100% LEGAL and take that extra layer of stress and anxiety off of the patient. You can’t achieve that if you are putting your faith in a fly-by-night company that is reckless with state statute.

Examples of this include PERFORMING YOUR STATE REGISTRATION ON YOUR BEHALF (it says it’s illegal right on the state website!),  or not requiring any medical documentation for review at the time of your review when performing telemedicine visits. As a VETERAN OWNED small business at Concierge Medical Cannabis we will make sure that ALL state laws and ordinances are followed keeping our liability and yours at zero!

Program Overview

The process is simple, but there are some nuances to successful admission and staying on the right side of the law once you have your medical cannabis card.  At Concierge Medical Cannabis we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you and make sure that you are aware of all the laws in the state.